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Ryan Mikolanis
Ryan Mikolanis
Audric has helped me numerous times with rehab for sports injuries. He works to fix the issue not just prescribe medicine. He also cares about his athletes to make sure they take their time coming back from injury and not just rush back to re-injure themselves.
Brady Phillips
Brady Phillips
Our experience with Effort Performance has been nothing less than exceptional. My daughter is a HS basketball player who was looking to increase her quickness and explosiveness. Audric worked to design a program specific to her unique needs and took the time to explain the “why” behind the exercises and movement patterns. In a day and age of bigger, faster and stronger often coming at the expense of injury, Audric puts and emphasis on form while developing the whole athlete. Audric is a kind, considerate thoughtful and a great communicator. He takes the time to get to know each athlete and pushes them to become better not in a “yelly-screamy” kind of way, but instead through getting them to understand the process of becoming a better athlete. I highly recommend Effort Performance. It has been great for my daughter. Audric has helped her to become a better athlete. She is jumping higher/farther, running faster and her quickness has improved. More importantly she is learning, better understands her body and the commitment, dare I say “effort” it takes to improve.
Stephanie Merritt
Stephanie Merritt
Compassionate care given here. Audric is awesome at all he does for his clients.
Laura Meyer
Laura Meyer
Audric is the best! He is so knowledgeable and helpful! Will continue to go to Effort for my personal training and athletic therapy needs!
Anita Warren
Anita Warren
I have sciatic problems and I am always in pain. I get great help with my problem and feel better. Amazing service.

I come off and on when I get injuries and audric has she’s ya helped me bounce back to normal I will however now be coming back for regular maintenance to avoid injuries in the future. Very knowledgeable I recommend to everyone to come to maintain and keep your body right!

Laura Valdiv 20 February 2020

Audric is very knowledgeable, talented, and extremely personable. My daughters and I have been receiving therapy and training from him for over a year now and we have all benefited greatly. He has helped us heal from new and old injuries as well as improving athletic performance for my daughter. We all highly recommend Effort for any physical therapy or athletic skills training needs.

Stephanie Dines 20 March 2018

Audric is great with my daughter! She is shy and quiet and he brings out a confidence in her that I have not seen. She feels so proud of herself with what she accomplishes there. I appreciate his ability to work with her in a kind and compassionate way. She looks forward to every week going there.

Erica Massey-Lembcke 20 March 2018

Audric has been great!! Not only for my daughter’s training but he helped during her rehabs too! She loves going there and he pushes her to keep getting son goes to him too and it’s been such a help in his agility and speed. Can’t say enough good things about Audric; so happy we found Effort!!

Tabatha Foy-Creasbaum 20 March 2018

My daughter's body has taken a beating in Gymnastics. She came to Audric with the tendency to dislocate her shoulder and extreme hypermobility. His training and techniques have taught her to control her hyperextension and she is pain free! Thanks for all you do Audric!

Dawn Nicholson 21 March 2018